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About this site

IPWhoisInfo.com, in its core, is a directory database and an ongoing dynamically changing data cache of information on IPv4 network addresses and IPv4 network ranges. Some of the information we have is geographical locations of network addresses, average speed data for countries, list of addresses that involve in certain kind of activity (like email etc.) and collective information about what the internet knows of certain addresses.

Other than the information we already have which gets updated frequently as needed, there's also information that we collect on the fly, such as DNS hostnames, WHOIS records, and more of which we store in cache for at least 1 week before its marked for invalidation and gets replaced with newly more accurate information. We use in-house built compression techniques to store the data efficiently in cache so it can be faster to access and more available per request for those who need this kind of information.

About the data we have

We do our best to deliver fast and accurate data on IP addresses and ranges as best we can. However, you should keep in mind that some IP addresses and ranges might occasionaly get sold, transferred and/or exchange ownership, which means that on very specific cases an IP address (or range) that as of today its record indicate it originates in a certain country and belongs to a certain organization, owner, or person can switch hands and be in the hands of a different organization, owner, person and to originate in a different country tommorow.

We are not an internet registry, domain registrar, network owners or blacklist operators, and our site is just an informational and reference resource. All the data we present on this site is collected from different and various internet resources and organizations and is by no means always accurate. Collecting the data can be time consuming and use system resources, which is why we store most of the data in a local cache. By doing so, we reduce the load times on these other systems and allowing more people to come to our site and see the data instead. But we can't and don't give a guarantee that our data is always accurate. For accurate information, please visit every informational resource provider's pages individually.

We created this service to help people quickly find and locate data on IP addresses and ranges. If you have any concerns or questions about the data we show on our site, then please contact us and let us know.