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IP addresses of range: - ( , IPv4

Geographic Region: Europe

This range is also known as "Class C" and it contains the 256 unique IP addresses with the first address starting at and the last address of this range ends at

When using the CIDR range (Classes Inter Domain Routing) classification it is also typical to call this range Since IPv4 addresses are represented using 32 bits, this way of writing describes the range as all the addresses where the first 24 bits are preserved from the address That means that there are 24 bits which are constant, and 8 bits that are changing. Hence, 256 addresses.

This is the inner most level inside the parent range and here you can find the list of the individual IP addresses that make up this range. Click on any address in the list below to reveal the information about it including WHOIS, geolocation, servers, hostnames, and more.

IP Address